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Mid Glamorgan,Railway Station, Bridgend, United Kingdom


Kenfig Pool (Welsh: Pwll Cynffig) is a national nature reserve situated near Porthcawl, Bridgend. Wild storms and huge tides between the 13th and 15th centuries are mainly responsible for creating the Kenfig dunes near Porthcawl, as they threw vast quantities of sand up over the Glamorgan coast.[1] This buried the nearby borough of Kenfig, and its castle, of which only the ruined keep survives. At 70 acres the second largest (after Llangorse Lake) freshwater lake in south Wales. Kenfig Pool lies at the heart of the national nature reserve and is a valuable stopping point for migrating birds.[2] The lake's maximum depth is about 12 feet. An island, built by the aristocrats living in nearby Margam to encourage wildfowl (which they would shoot) to nest there, has long since sunk beneath the waters.

Extra health & safety measures

This property has taken extra health and hygiene measures to ensure your safety

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Lake Rules / Instructions

  • All anglers & guests must sign in upon arrival

  • All swims to be left clean and tidy

  • Anglers must agree to random rig checks

  • Anglers must hold a valid in date Environmental Agency rod licence

  • Anglers must vacate the lake at the agreed checkout time

  • Anglers must Follow social distancing rules

  • Anglers must lock/ close all gates that have been opened

  • Do not pour unused bait into the water

  • Do not put waste of any kind into the water

  • It is mandatory to use any equipment supplied by

  • No abusive language or discrimination to staff of other anglers

  • No bait Boats

  • No BBQ's

  • No bivvy sharing

  • No boating

  • No dogs

  • No drones

  • No drugs

  • No excessive alcohol consumption

  • No firearms

  • No fires

  • No fishing in or on unmarked pegs

  • No freezer baits

  • No guests

  • No littering

  • No loud Music

  • No open lit fires

  • No speeding/ abide all speed limits

  • No swimming

  • No tents

  • No unattained rods

  • No wading

  • No wildlife traps

  • 42'' landing nett to be used

  • No pet

  • All anglers must have carp care

  • No barbed hooks

  • No barbless hooks

  • No braded mainline

  • No fixed leads

  • No Fixed rigs

  • No lead core

  • No leaders

  • No maggots

  • No plastic hook baits

  • No retaining fish

  • No sacking fish

  • No shock leaders

  • No tiger nuts

  • No white buckets

  • Report all captures

  • Use a large specimen unhooking mat

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