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Carp is a familiar name for freshwater fish. Carp are fish from the huge “Cyprindae” family that are native to Europe and Asia. These days however carp can be found in every continent on the earth. Thomas Ford who owned “Manor Fisheries” was the first man to initial start the carp (fishing) angling in the UK.

There are various species found in carp category:

Common Carp : (The common carp or “Cyprinus carpio” is one of the prime types of carp you will catch across the UK and Europe)

Mirror carp : Mirror carp are a sub-category of the common carp and was the first mutation.

Leather Carp : This is another type of the common carp which is pretty often thought to be a mirror carp with no scales at all. This is not the case as leather carp have some hereditary variations.

Cruician Carp : The Cruician is the smallest carp in the family and hardly ever grows over 6 lbs.

Koi Carp : Fishing for Koi carp is exceptional because these fish are belonged to premium category i.e. expensive but a few fisheries in the UK stock a few carp which can be tremendously thrilling to catch.

Grass Carp : The grass carp is a carp types that is resident to China and is not so frequently found in the UK and Europe for carp fishing.

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