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Fresh water fishing

The inside of Croatia has some ideal fishing grounds to bring to the table along streams and lakes! For new water fishing you can mastermind a day or year grant at the Croatian game fishing affiliation (just in Croatian), yet it is generally simple to acquire a day fishing grant at the site where you intend to fish. Here follows a rundown of some great fishing zone's in Croatia.

Stream Kupa

The stream Kupa is practically 300km long of which about 4km crosses public park Risnjak. The ideal spot to fish is from the wellspring of this stream to about 20km underneath the spot Brod na Kupi. You can fish here for grayling, stream trout, Californian trout and carp. These fish are provided by fish ranches toward the finish of harvest time.

Waterway Dobra

The waterway Dobra meets the stream Kupa only north of the town Karlovac west of the capital Zagreb. The waterway is about 30km long and is a significant natural surroundings for salmonids, as in 1962 grayling was presented.

Waterway Mreznica

The waterway Mreznica is about 56km long and is likewise situated in the territory of Karlovac. It used to be known for its salmonids, however after the presentation of pike, this is currently the prevailing fish species here.

The stream Korana

Additionally close to the Plitvice lakes you can locate the lovely yet short stream Sljuncica. The stream streams by means of a few cascades into the waterway Korana. It is an ideal zone for fly-fishing underneath the cascades, you will discover here stream trout and greyling.

Lake Licka Jesenica

A little yet beautiful and away from close to the pools of Plitvice is ideal for fly-looking for stream trout. At the point when the water level drops in summer, the fish cover up in underground passages and will show themselves when water levels are reestablished in fall and spring.

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