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We are the novice, fledgling, weekender, subject matter expert, coordinate champ and partner part. We as well, know how it feels to GO FISHING – any place the sea shore, lake, waterway, or stream, whatever the species, or capacity, you visit the tackle shop, set the alert, appreciate the excursion en route and think ambitiously. Like you, we relish the dusks, dawns and association with the rest of the world. We feel a similar euphoria when getting your first fish, winning your segment and beating your own best. We've had snapshots of depression as well, excursions to fail to remember, tackle lost, infrequent snare pulls (relatively few!), and encountered the special case that will always stand out! We're with you at the stake draw, say something, can splashing, early daytime goading mission and periodic parasite escape. We comprehend that fishing is for all, without limits or limitations, to absolutely appreciate the interest that calculating offers. That is the reason we are not kidding about your fishing.

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